Im Chantz. I'm a person, I have a story, and a life that you can't get to know by reading shit I write because words suck, and so does language. The radical thought that everything we have come to know as "normal" and "correct," is just an influence pressed on us by great advertisement and lack of human individuality. Nothing is normal, or correct, everything is constantly changing.
Everything except words and language. But my blogs pretty tight;)

(intro - nicki minaj “my time now” documentary)
01 - Throw Some D’s - Rich Boy - (kuma remix)
02 - Trifecta (If You Don’t) - DJ Sliink X TWRK X Green Lantern
03 - Trippy’s Theme - Trippy Turtle
04 - Mirror Maru - Cashmere Cat
05 - NXWXRK - Nadus - RL Grime Edit
06 - dayman (demo) - king henry
07 - Shabba (ft. A$AP ROCKY) - A$AP Ferg - Dj Rell Remix
08 - Studio - Schoolboy Q - Grandtheft Edit
09 - Be My Baby (ft. Cashmere Cat) - Ariana Grande

cyc ♛

Where there is love there is life.

—Mahatma Gandhi (via feellng)

BLOOM (2014 Short Film Trailer)
Please check out the trailer for Bloom, the most amazing short film Ive ever been apart of. This will be one for the books. #Cyclorama